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Monday, August 22, 2011

what scares me? originally posted on Todd Russells page.

What scares me? Well that's simple. I'm afraid of the slithering horror that moves just outside of your vision. It's that same thing that disappears, changing its shape and taking on a new visage as you try and focus on it. You look, so sure of what you saw, but each time, it's gone. I'm afraid of the shadowy tendrils that flair out, coming closer, conquering everything they touch as the sun goes down. Or when a light goes out, and darkness consumes the comfort and solace that you cling to in order to alleviate your fear.

Terra Incognita: The Abyss by Joshua MaysIt's the intentions of the leering man that scare me, the one who rubs you the wrong way, or gives you a strange vibe. The actions of a person you care about when they aren't around. You think you can trust them, but can you really? It's the power that hides in our hearts, turning us into monsters on a whim. Taking away our humanity, reverting us back to the animals we were meant to be. It's the mass murderers, and terrorists who could show up at any minute. It's the serve weather warning, or the melting ice caps.

It's the long drive to work each day, or that seven hour flight that has too much turbulence. It's the complications during pregnancy, or the people out for your children. It's the first step on a new journey, or that decision that could change your life. It's the people and places that are different, and all the dangers that come with them. It's the virus that floats in the air, or rests in our bed, waiting to infect us and bring sickness.

It's the power behind religion, and the reason we all stay in line, doing our best to be good people. It's the ancient beings that come from beyond the stars, sleeping beneath our seas. It's the reason, why people are afraid of death, and the afterlife. No, it's not the fear itself, but rather the greatest fear of them all. It's the fear of the unknown.

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